Subway Set

When I head out on my lockdown walks, I usually head in a northerly direction to the moors, but recently I decided to head south. To anyone who doesn’t know Bolton, you’d be forgiven for being surprised at just how much green space there is in and around the town. After (only) six years of

Locktown Working

At the height of lockdown, under the most restrictive social measures we’ve ever seen in our lifetimes, I’m keen to understand what impact this is having on Bolton’s town centre.  Dubbed “Worktown” due to its central role in the Mass Observation of 1937, should we now be referring to Bolton as “Locktown”?  On the 25th April

Interchange Exchanges

Recently opened in 2017, the Interchange in Bolton still feels like a brand-new building. Replacing the tatty-looking bus station on Moor Street, it brings rail, bus, cycles and taxis together, creating a convenient transport hub for the town. Apparently, it’s sustainably designed, with a light airy architecture that includes a pretty impressive sky bridge linking

Route 666

Deciding to head into Bolton on Saturday 25th April, to see how the town centre was faring under lockdown, I commenced my urban trek at 8:30am from the Blackburn Road stretch of the A666 with 2 miles ahead of me into town. Well if you ever plan to motor west Just take my way that’s the