Locktown Working

c. uttley says:

scary photos but unfortunately typical of just about anywhere I suppose .

Julia says:

I agree Dad, probably the same as most places . . .

Ian Tatlock says:

Great blog subject and great photos, all beautifully and tastefully presented. Well done Julia – again! I have a horrible feeling life will never be the same again and things that we may have once taken for granted are now gone forever. Hope not!

Julia says:

Thanks very much Ian. I have to agree with you, the question is while we make take steps to unwind the lockdown, how close will actually get to approaching normality as we knew it? Strange and unique times indeed.

Denise says:

Oh and more pictures. Lovely!
History in the making.

Julia says:

Well I hope so – my idea to start a blog has seemingly coincided with this awful pandemic, so it’s an obvious subject and one that I couldn’t overlook! Thank you again.

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