Bolton’s New Normal

Lizzie Bomber says:

Enjoyed this blog

Julia says:

Hey Lizzie – thank you so much, really appreciate it! J x

Catherine says:

Some great pictures there Julia, I particularly liked the ones inside the bus station! 🙂

Julia says:

Thanks very much for the feedback Catherine. Yes, I particularly like the Interchange, its got some great vistas!

Dave Morgan says:

How’ve you managed to clock so many of Bolton’s reprobates Julia? Must be a dozen people there I know. Excellent.

Julia says:

Oh wow, really!!! I hope I’m showing them all in a good light. In fact, everyone was very obliging and happy for me to take their shots, which I appreciate. Thanks Dave!

Andrew Hamilton says:

Wonderfully narrated and illustrated Julia. Really enjoyed your insight and commentary on the current situation and the images really bring the story to life, great work and I would still be In the record shop 😂😂 Going to listen to Closer now 🎧

Julia says:

Thanks so much for your kind words Andrew, I’m really glad you enjoyed it. Yes, I could have stayed longer in X-records too – I need to think of another photo-blog idea that takes me back there! Good choice of album – enjoy!

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