Bolton Under Lockdown

Denise says:

Great blogpost Julia. Very good observations. Really enjoyed this picture of Bolton during lockdown.

Julia says:

Thanks so much Denise – that means a lot, especially coming from a more experienced blogger and someone who’s lived all their life Bolton too!

Dave Morgan says:

Some great photos contributing to the ongoing debate about Bolton post Corvid. Love that last one with the padlock. The mill undergoing renovation on Bridgeman Place (visible from the bus station) is a high end conversion for private/investment sale rather than student accommodation. The five development sites forming part of Bolton’s visionary ( I would say ‘desperate’) strategic spatial plan may well be affected by a down turn in the economy, if contractors collapse or we fall out badly with China. Very thought provoking Julia. Some geat ‘people’ pics too.

Julia says:

Thanks very much for the supportive words, Dave, and I appreciate you clarifying the mill development – I will change my wording! Glad you like the bollard and padlock image – I feel it sums up my post quite well. Let’s hope the Council’s plans don’t suffer from whatever our post-COVID world looks like.

Mustafa says:

Great blog Julia loved reading it and looking at the pictures, the A666 bought back many memories I travelled up and down that road for a couple of years whilst working in Bolton, then another couple of years comuting to Wardley. Blackburn also has many similarities; pre-Covid many town centre shops empty the market hardly at capacity with folk opting for other shopping venues. I used to enjoy visiting Bolton Town centre, the market in particular…just wandering from stall to stall… The post covid era is definitely going to pose many challenges….great work Julia looking forward to the next one….x

Julia says:

Thank you for this great feedback, Mustafa. I can appreciate Blackburn must be facing similar challenges too. Once our lockdown eases, it would be great to visit – it’s something that I’ve been meaning to do for some time now and it’s not too far up that road in question! J x

Suzanne Delaney says:

Thank you for sharing. Really enjoyed looking at your photos and your journey was very interesting. 🙂

Julia says:

Hi Suzanne – thanks very much for your kind comments, they’re much appreciated!

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