Selected Climbs and Bouldering in Wilton Quarries

Winter Hill has to be one of my most photographed landscapes so I’m always pleased when someone picks out one of my shots and this particular image has been selected by David Price, the author of Selected Climbs and Bouldering in Wilton Quarries. Published just a few weeks ago, I’m delighted to have my very

Remember when . . . ?

. . . we’d only wear masks for fancy dress, when socialising was just so free and easy and when you could walk straight into a shop, supermarket, pub, restaurant, museum, gallery (or indeed any public venue) without a thought or a care in the world? It’s a year on since Boris’ life-changing address to

Poetry from the Platform 2021

I’m pleased to say that this rather unassuming photo has been chosen as the basis for an illustration in a recently published anthology of poetry resulting from a collaboration between the Bolton Station Community Partnership and Live from Worktown. Starting out as an idea to bring in the local arts community to help make Bolton

Subway Set

When I head out on my lockdown walks, I usually head in a northerly direction to the moors, but recently I decided to head south. To anyone who doesn’t know Bolton, you’d be forgiven for being surprised at just how much green space there is in and around the town. After (only) six years of

Lakeland Calendar 2021

Encouraged on by a friend who’s as much a fan of walking in the Lake District as I am, I’ve decided to produce a 2021 Lakeland Charity Calendar. I’m selling these for £15.00 plus first class postage. For most of the UK, this brings the total to £18.70 (at the time of writing). I’m donating

Calendar grid

Lakeland Calendar 2020

About this time last year, I set about creating a calendar of Lakeland views to give to friends and family at Christmas. I’m pleased to say it went down pretty well, so I thought I should create a record of my selected mages on my website too – at least before the year is out.

BBC Night Vision Gallery

I’m absolutely delighted to find out today that one of my entries to the BBC’s Your Pictures feature on the theme of Night Vision has been selected for their gallery. I love the work of American artists such as Ed Ruscha and Edward Hopper and during the early stages of lockdown, I tried to recreate

Don't Mix with other Households

Bolton’s New Normal

As I publish this blog, it’s almost six months since the country went into Lockdown and three months since my first blog on how Bolton is coping with these changes, Bolton under Lockdown. Following on from that we’ve had a tightening of the rules, then a relaxing of the rules and now Bolton has also

“Going back to Rockville” – another Wilton blog

R.E.M. tributes aside, you may remember that right at the start of lockdown, I started exploring paths accessible on foot from home, to make the most of my daily permitted exercise, and a route that quickly became my favourite was through the series of Wilton Quarries onto the moors. At this time the quarries were

Manchester Ghost Hunting

A good friend of mine, who works in a city centre hospital, suggested I visit Manchester during COVID-19 lockdown with my camera. She thought I’d love capturing shots of the city while it was so incredibly quiet – a “ghost town”, she called it. So, on a sunny 21st May, in just the first tentative stage